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When submitting a manuscript and / or book proposal to us, make sure you follow the submission requirements. If the submission doesn’t meet the criteria, it will delay the process.

Before you submit your manuscript ensure that it fits one of the following subject areas:

• Alchemy
• Angels
• Astrology
• Classical Occult Literature and Grimoires
• Creative Visualization
• Divination
• Dreams
• Esoteric Studies
• Goddess Studies and Worship
• Kabbalah
• Magic and Shamanism
• Meditation
• Mysticism
• Natural Health and Healing
• Witchcraft and Wicca
• Past Life
• Peace Studies
• Psychic Development
• Tantra
• Tarot
• Self-Help and New Thought
• Humanistic Social Issues
• Secret Societies
• Sufism
• Yoga

We look to publish books that can help improve people’s lives, expand their consciousness and enrich their spirit. Therefore, we target all our books to a general audience. We prefer books that are practical and are how-to. We also like translations of ancient works of Hebrew, Arabic or Persian mysticism and occultism. We do accept academic and scholarly books that fit any of our subject areas, if they can be understood by non-specialists. We don’t publish fiction, biographies, and work that can be categorized as left-hand or satanic.

The manuscript should include the following:
• A table of contents
• Complete individual chapters or if a proposal three complete sample chapters
• Brief summary of the author’s background and credentials.
• Market analysis including similar books and how it compares to other titles. Tell us why someone would want to buy this book.

We will not accept writing that contains sexist, racist, or intolerant attitudes.

Make sure throughout the manuscript that you have followed a consistent page format that meets the following criteria:

Page Size: 8 x 11
Font: in 11 or 12 point type.
Lines: double-spaced lines within and between paragraphs.
Indents: do not indent of any the paragraphs and do not use ‘tabs’ anywhere in the manuscript.
Pagination: Please number your pages.
Chapter Numbers and Titles: place this information at the top-left of the first page of each chapter.
Word Count: place the number of words per chapter under its title
Title Page: date and sign your title page
Headers: include your name and manuscript title in the header of each page.
Printing: print your manuscript on good quality white paper and don’t staple or bind it in any form

Mail only a printed copy of the manuscript. Do not mail original work. Include a CD with electronic version of the manuscript in Microsoft Word format. Save each chapter individually. Make sure everything is labeled, dated and signed. Be aware that normal international mail between the US and Canada can take upward of four weeks to arrive. If you live in Canada, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope, if you wish your materials returned. For international submissions, unless mailing is paid for by the author, copies of rejected manuscripts will be destroyed.

NOTE: Please, allow 3-6 months for review of submission.

Send Submissions to:
Ishtar Publishing
141-6200 McKay Ave
Suite 716
Burnaby, BC V5H4M9


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